No Trademark for Jay-Z and Beyonce. Blue Ivy Given to Someone Else

After waiting it out for 9 months, Veronica Alexandra can celebrate.  She has beat out two people who are not used to not getting what they want.  That’s Jay-Z and Beyonce.  With the birth of baby Blue Ivy, the super star couple filed for a trademark  for her name, a name which belonged to wedding and event planner Veronica Alexandra.

Alexandra felt the urgency to protect the name, as it wasn’t a novelty for her, it was her bread and butter,

“I definitely needed to protect what it is I’ve been living on.  Now it’s time to create the partnerships and business avenues I’m planning on doing, period.”

When asked if she was frustrated that they tried to take her businesses name away from her she explains that the entire situation has created opportunity that would have otherwise never had been there.

“I can’t be frustrated with something I think is going to bring me to produce and define my brand even more, which is financially exciting in itself and intellectually exciting as well, It’s like they caused me to create more opportunity for myself.”

By winning the trademark case, Alexandra can use the name for advertising, business management planning and entertainment purposes.  Meanwhile, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Baby Blue Ivy have received notice from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office suspending their application.

Better luck next time, Maybe on Baby number 2.

BTW, just in case you were worried, Tim Tebow was granted his trademark for the term “Tebowing”.


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