He was at XS for Dim Mak Monday where he got DJ tips from Steve Aoki.

Watch Michael Phelps Crowd Surfing Fail. Ouch!

What do you do when you are retired at age 27 and worth 45 million dollars?  You spend your free time in Vegas.  What Phelps learned this weekend is that at 6’ 4” an weighing 194 lbs crowd surfing is no a sport that you want to get into.  As can see from the clip below, he learned this the hard way.

Phelps and a friend were at Club XS when they decide to get in a yellow raft and crowd surf.  His buddy gets in the raft and Phelps follows.  All seems to be going well and then…..BOOM!  The crowd drops Phelps right out of the back end of the raft.  It appears that they are so shocked that they are holding up Phelps they start to take pictures and end up dropping the most decorated Olympian of all times.

And Now I bring you…..Michael “Failps” and the Little Yellow Raft..


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