Watch the Trailer for MTV’s New Reality Show “Washington Heights”. This is Not The Jersey Shore.

This is not a Jersey Shore replacement.  That would be Buckwild (see my post and trailer here).  Washington Heights is a new MTV show that will take a good look at the lives of residents who live in the Washington Heights area of Manhattan.

This differs greatly from the Jersey Shore.  In fact, I hate how every reality show on MTV that involves young people is being grouped into the Jersey Shore category.


Washington Heights is different because it follows people through their actual days; not on vacation, in a beach house working at a t-shirt shop and drinking all day.  The show’s focus is regular people and their pursuit of dreams.  The dreams are stereotypical but I think that’s ok.

There is a guy who wants to rap a girl who wants to sing, an aspiring baseball player, actor and a few others who just want love life and living in the neighborhood.  Each person has varying problems and obstacles that we can all relate to: Money, living at home, parents in prison, relationship issues etc.  All the things that make life worth living.

A far cry from Jersey Shore, I think this might be one of MTV’s hits for 2013.  Here is he extended trailer for Washington Heights, set to premiere on January 9th 2013.