Toni Braxton Hospitalized and Back Home After Lupus Related Health Issues

It appears that Toni Braxton has been hospitalized and is now back home after having  lupus related health issues.

I actually just found out the extent of her Lupus related issues during her interview on 20/20.  During the show she cited her Lupus and her inability to perform, causing concerts to be cancelled as one of the reasons she went into bankruptcy.

Braxton was admitted to the hospital on Friday and gave fans a play by play until she returned home.

A rep for Braxton released a statement upon her release from the hospital, possibly downplaying the severity,

“Her doctors expect her to do just fine and recover completely. It is just a side effect of living with lupus.”

Lupus is very real and very dangerous for the 45 year old singer.  Her brother has Lupus and her Uncle died from Lupus related complications.

Braxton also suffers from pericarditis, a condition that affects the heart.  She might be only 5’ 1” but she has a lot of fight in her.  We pray for her speedy recovery.