Watch Rick Ross Deny Cancelling Tour Due to Death Threats. He also Fires shots at Jeezy and 50.

I give Rick Ross a little credit for making the video, but let’s not forget, through all the tough talking, he’s still a former Correction Officer.  In the two videos he’s full of a lot of tough talk and Bravado, but I think it was needed.  Rumors were that he cancelled the last leg of his tour due to death threats he received from a gang known as the “Gangsta Disciples”.  They were pissed that Ross referenced their incarcerated leader in his song and used their sign, the Jewish Star, on the cover of his latest mix tape.

Ross did this interview with Felisha Monet to let everyone know that he didn’t get his panties pulled left, but instead he cancelled the concerts because of the relationship with his promoter.  He said that communication with his promoter was sketchy and then before he knew it, his promoter cancelled two dates without permission from Ross.   Rickie Rozay felt that at that point, the promoter had too much authority so he showed him who the real boss is and cancelled the entire last leg of his tour , spending the new found down time in Vegas getting massages….and no doubt eating

The 2nd video he takes time to talk about his fight with Youg Jeezy at the BET awards and also finds the time to throw some shots at 50 Cent.  Both videos together are a total 10 minutes.  Ross is entertaining throughout to say the least.

I bring you Rick Ross in, “Real Boss Swagger”.