Charlie Sheen’s 75K Check

Charitable Charlie Sheen Cuts Another big Check. This Time For Someone Who Really Needs It!

Charlie Sheen has offiically turned the corner, at least as far as his public image is concerned.  First he hit Lindsay Lohan off with a huge check for $100,000 to help cover her tax bill and now he has cut anotther check for $75 Stacks to a 10 year old girl.  Before you start in on how things like that never happen to you, and how lucky this girl is, you should know that she has Cancer.

While in Hermosa Beach, California, Sheen had a conversationn with a police officer who mentioned his daughter Jasmine.  She has Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma.  That is the fancy word for a type of Cancer that effects children, and attacks the tissue in their face.  CR treatment requires a year of super expensive radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatment.

After hearing the story, Sheen felt that , “No Parent should have to watch their kid go through that”. The next day Sheen cut a check for $75,000 to the police Association who had started a fund for Jasmine.  Sheen’s stunt double, inspired by Sheen’s genorositty, matched Sheens’ $75 K with another $25,000 of his own making it an even $100,000 for Jasmine.

Sheen’s rep let ABCnews and the rest of the world know that the $75K is just, “one of many charitable donations that Charlie frequently makes.”

Unlike Lindsay Lohan, who has yet to thank Sheen for his gift, the Officer could not have been more thanful.  In regards to Lindsay, Charlie says,

 “I’m still waiting for a text to say ‘thank you’. Anything, you know?”

Sorry Charlie, Lindsay probably drunk that money, put it up her nose or in her vein.  The last thing she did was pay taxes.  Yes, I’m hating.