Rihanna Smiling Playfully

Rihanna Drops $12 Million on a Pacific Palisades Crib. “Ball So Hard!”

Rihanna has smacked down $12 Million for a home in the Los Angeles.  The situation is simply OBESE!

The home located in the Pacific Palisades area of L.A. is a newly constructed 11,000 sq ft mansion that sits on a 33,500 sq ft lot.  As you can imagine it has just about everything you can ever want.

In a house that large, you would expect  to have many bedrooms; this one only has 7!  You better believe they are huge.  It also has 9 bathrooms and of course a media room.

With a net worth of $75 Million this is a substantial purchase for the songstress.

Rihanna has been unlucky in love and real estate.  Let’s hope this house is better than the last one she brought in Beverly Hills.  She ended up suing the seller because of the condition.  Rihanna purchased the home for $6.9 million — and sold the place last December for just $5 million.  Ouch!

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