Selma Blair Officially Fired From ‘Anger Management’

So, apparently Selma Blair went behind Charlie Sheen’s back and complained about his work ethic to the show’s executives. This upset Charlie Sheen, in fact, it upset him so much that he threatened to quit the show if they didn’t fire Selma immediately. Sources say that Sheen felt betrayed and he felt like if she had a problem with him then she should have brought it up directly to him.

Well, it looks like show executives have sided with Charlie Sheen and they have now officially fired the actress.

“We are confirming that Selma Blair will not be returning to Anger Management and we wish her the very best.”

Ouch. She should know that you never go after the star of the show! You’ll never win, even if you happen to be in the right. The show is always going to side with the star because there wouldn’t be a show without the star! The only reason people watch that show is because of Charlie Sheen. We all know no one watches it because of its clever writing. The show is freaking horrible, and the ratings are beginning to slip. However, FX ordered 90 more episodes of the show, so they’re stuck with it for awhile.

Hopefully Selma Blair has learned an important lesson. Never go after the star of the show, especially if the star is Charlie Sheen.