More Problems for Bieber

Justin Bieber just can’t seem to stay out of hot water. The 19-year-old pop star is now being sued by a paparazzo for assault and battery. A “photographer” by the name of Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran claims that Bieber physically attacked him in a parking lot last year.

The man says he was with a group of paparazzi and they were all trying to snap photos of Bieber and Selena Gomez in the parking lot of shopping center in California. According to the lawsuit, Justin was having trouble getting his Mercedes out of the parking space and started to lash out at the paparazzi, “Fuck off! Get out of my way!” he reportedly yelled. And then a few seconds later he allegedly “leaped” out of the van and “delivered a martial-arts type kick” to Duran’s lower rib cage.

Bieber didn’t stop there, though. The man claims that Bieber then punched him hard on the right side of his face, and then pushed him against a car that was parked nearby. “Justin, you don’t have to do this.” Duran reportedly said while motioning for Bieber to stop. A few seconds later, Selena jumped out of the car and said, “Justin, stop! They’re taking your picture!”

The concern in his girlfriend’s voice caused Bieber to break out of his rage. They both got back in his car and sped off, but not for long. They had to come right back because Selena had left her phone. Duran claims that when they came back, Selena went up to him and apologized for Bieber’s actions, “I’m sorry, I don’t know why he did that.” she told him.

Bieber’s attorney Howard Weitzman doesn’t seem to be taking this lawsuit too seriously. When asked about it, he simply asked, “Seriously?”


And that is honestly the right attitude to have. After all, the cops investigated the incident when it happened, but the L.A. Country District Attorney’s Office determined there wasn’t enough evidence to press any charges against the singer. So, this paparazzo is probably not going to have any luck with this lawsuit.

It should also be noted that Duran is not only suing for assault and battery but also emotional distress. We’re not sure how much money he is asking for, but you can bet that it’s a lot.

I can understand the emotional distress part. If I got my ass kicked by Justin Bieber, I’d be pretty damn upset. No one would respect you if you managed to get your ass kicked by Bieber. Your wife would probably never look at you the same way again, “I thought I married a man!” she would yell. This dude must really need the money if he is willing to admit to the whole world that Justin Bieber kicked his ass.