Kim Kardashian Already Hiring Help

Apparently, Kim Kardashian is already having a hard time dealing with this whole “mom” thing. Yeah, it’s true that there are reports that claim she is a great mom, but what about when it really matters? What about when your kid wakes up at 3 in the morning, crying and wanting to be fed? Does Kim Kardashian get up off her butt and go help little North West?

Well, according to a report by RadarOnline, Kim has hired a night nurse to take care of North West overnight.

“Kim and Kanye’s night nurse sleeps in the nursery with Nori, and if she needs a diaper change, a feeding, or just be soothed, it’s the hired help that is taking care of the baby. Kim wants to be well rested so she can be the best possible mom to Nori, and she feels if she is sleep deprived, that isn’t going to happen.”

The source goes on to say that Kim needs 8-10 hours of sleep or else she can’t function.

Who the f–k gets 8-10 hours of sleep anymore? I’m lucky if I get six hours of sleep and I don’t even have a damn kid. I’m not mad at Kim though, and none of you should be hating on her for hiring a nurse. You know if you had the money, you’d also be hiring a night nurse!

No one wants to get up in the middle of the night to take of the baby, but they do it because they have to do it. However, Kim doesn’t have to do it! She’s got money and she can make some other poor soul do all the dirty work. She has found a cheat code to life!

Does that make her a bad mother? Not at all. It makes her smart.