Selena Gomez Can’t Quit Justin Bieber

Despite his incredibly douchey behavior this past year, Selena Gomez just can’t let go of her love for Bieber. As most of you know, sources have confirmed that the two love birds are back together again. They took the picture you see down below together on July 4th and that is apparently the date that Bieber made Selena Gomez a big promise.


In order for Selena to take him back, he had to promise her he would stop acting like a douche. Selena Gomez doesn’t like his “bad boy” act and wants Bieber to go back to the sweet boy she fell in love with. So, she made him promise to her that he would stop his horrible behavior.

Apparently, Selena believed Bieber’s promise because the two are now officially a couple again. We’re not sure if she knew about the pissing in the mop bucket incident, but that couldn’t have helped his cause.

We’ll see how long they last. Honestly, I am hoping that they will last a long time. It seems like the only time Bieber isn’t acting like a dick, is when he is with Selena. Maybe Selena is the key to Bieber’s success? Maybe she is the only one who can save him!

OH THE DRAMA! THE ROMANCE! THE SUSPENSE! My heart just can’t take it. Someone wake me up when all this madness has ended.