Ireland Baldwin Is Just Like Her Dad

Well, the apple certainly doesn’t fall from the tree. The 17-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin went off on the paparazzi on her Twitter account the other day.

She wrote the following tweets on her account,

“I hope all paparazzi get s–t on by a herd of African elephants.

Get a real job you lame doo doo headed dummies. I’ve met maybe a few paparazzi that have been friendly. The majority of you are d–k bags.”

That just might be the weirdest insult, ever. I mean, the African elephant thing is pretty funny, I like that one. But, I’m not sure I can support the doo doo head comment considering she is 17-years-old. I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to say things like that after the age of 10.

Anyway, no one knows exactly what made her start hating on the paparazzi, but they must have done something to piss her off. Let’s just hope she never takes things as far as her dad does. As you know, Alec Baldwin has had a very rough relationship with the media.

He’s been accused of calling a paparazzo a racial slur, he was of course blasted by the media over his frightening voice mail he left his daughter several years ago and most recently he called a U.K. reporter “a little queen” which outraged the gay community.

The Baldwin family just can’t seem to get along with the media. Maybe we all just need to hug it out and express our feelings to each other. That seems to always work in the movies.