Lamar Odom, Evidence Of Serious Drug Use

If you believe the recent reports, Lamar Odom is in desperate need of some help. The evidence is piling up and it all points to Lamar Odom being a serious drug addict.

TMZ is reporting that Odom was abusing drugs during his brief period with the Dallas Mavericks and during his time with the Lakers. According to TMZ sources, Lamar Odom would leave a trail of evidence at every hotel his team would stay at.

A hotel in Memphis told TMZ that back in March of 2012 Odom stayed in one of their rooms while playing for the Mavericks. They say that Odom left his room in terrible shape. The burn marks on the carpet were so bad after he left that the hotel was forced to replace the carpet. Employees also claim they found white powder on the desk, and they say it was obvious he was using drugs in the room.

And get this, TMZ allegedly contacted several other hotels Lamar has stayed in and they report the same things. Odom would always leave his room in bad shape, and employees would complain about it all of the time.

During his rocky time with the Mavericks, sources claim that he was smoking Oxycontin and cocaine, which certainly would explain why the Mavericks cut him in the middle of the season.

Family and friends are very worried about Odom and according to multiple sources, his drug use is now life-threatening.

Crazy stuff, guys. I never really pictured him as a drug addict, but I guess you never really know what is going on behind closed doors. Hopefully he gets the help he apparently needs!

We wish him all the best.