Robin Thicke Cheated On Wife With Butt-Grabbing Fan?

Well, you just had to know this story was coming. The woman from the now famous photo below is claiming that Robin Thicke touched a whole lot more than just her ass.


Socialite, Lana Scolaro claims that Thicke was all over her that night. She even claims that he “openly groped” her right in front of his wife, Paula Patton.

She told Life & Style magazine the following,

“I don’t think he cared what she thought. I was with him the whole night!”

According to Scolaro, Robin Thicke approached her at the party and said, “I just love the fact that you’re so young.” A line that could certainly get you in trouble at the playground. The socialite claims that she tried to turn down his charm, but that he was persistent and she eventually gave in.


She claims that she got in a car with Thicke and his wife, and joined them at another party where things got a little more heated,

“He turned off the lights so no one could see us, and he started making out with me. He was grabbing me. He was like, ‘I want to get you into bed!’”

Despite the woman’s claims, Thicke’s wife doesn’t seem to be too concerned. A rep for Patton said the following,

“It’s just a girl looking for some attention. Paula and Robin aren’t concerned.”

Interesting. Yeah, this chick could just be looking to extend her 15 minutes of fame, but would anyone really be surprised if she was telling the truth? I wouldn’t be. We all know how much “marriage” really means to celebrities.