Jimmy Kimmel Pranks The World With Epic Twerking Fail Video

You’ve all seen the video probably a thousand times. A girl tries to make a sexy twerking video for her boyfriend, and ends up almost killing herself with fire.

Many people questioned whether the video was real or not. However, most people did seem to think it was real. I’ll admit that I was even beginning to think it was real, and I am huge skeptic when it comes to viral videos. Most of them turn out to be some commercial for some foreign film no one has ever heard of.

But the screams of horror from both of the women in this video made you want to believe it was real. We all wanted to believe someone was really this stupid, but it turns out that we’re the stupid ones.

The video was completely fake, and guess who was behind it? Jimmy Freaking Kimmel! The late night talk show host revealed the shocking news on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night.

You can watch the reveal in the video down below…

Well done, Jimmy. The fact that he comes in at the end with the fire extinguisher just makes the prank that much better. The video is closing in on 10 million views, so it’s clear that this prank might just be the most successful prank of the year.