Cee Lo’s Head Tattoo: Is he Serious?


For those who were wondering last night if Cee Lo’s head tattoo was real or not,  have no fear.  It is fake.  Not that I would think, anyone would put it past him to have such a crazy ink job but due to the filming sequence of the show, we know the tattoo is a phony.  The Season 5 blind auditions were filmed back in July and all the recent photos of Cee Lo’s head have been Ink Free.  The Tat was an intricate henna tattoo but it accomplished it’s job.  It made him even more freaky, enough that those artists who felt freaky themselves were drawn to him as a coach and mentor.  Cee Lo got some good picks to start off Season 5 of the Voice.   As you can see from the clip below, his goal this season is to simply win.


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