Britney Spears Says She WILL Be Singing Live In Vegas

Almost two weeks ago we shared a report with you all. The report was from the New York Daily News and they claimed that Britney Spears would not be singing live in Vegas.

Here is what their source said to refresh your memory,

“Britney does not sing. She is being paid a lot of money to lip-sync. Her fans are none the wiser…She hasn’t sung live for a couple of years.”

That certainly seems believable, right? Britney Spears has been known to lip-sync in the past, so why should this be any different? Well, Britney Spears was on a Chicago radio station Friday and she claims that she will indeed be singing live…

“I’m definitely going to be singing live. I always sing live. It doesn’t sound so great all the time, but I do my best.”

Always? We’re not so sure about that, but we’re going to believe her on this Vegas thing. After all, she is getting millions of dollars, so it would only be right if she actually put some effort into the performance.

And according to Britney, she is putting in a lot of hard work to make this show run smoothly. She will spend a month rehearsing at home and a month rehearsing in Vegas. She hopes that will give her enough time to become one with all of the effects that will be used.

Supposedly, there will be “water, snow and rain” during her show. So if you are planning on going to the show, be sure to bring a boat, a jacket and an umbrella. Things might get a bit messy.