Former NFL Star Delivers Huge Cheap Shot To Photographer (VIDEO)

NFL wide receiver Braylon Edwards stands at 6’3 and weighs 218 pounds, which means that he could easily whoop some ass without jumping someone from behind.

However, Edwards did just that last weekend outside of a nightclub in Detroit. Apparently, a photographer got footage of the former NFL star pushing someone. Edwards wasn’t happy about it and confronted the guy about it.

After a heated discussion, the photographer begins to walk away, but he doesn’t get too far. As the photographer’s back was facing Edwards, the 30-year-old grabbed his ankles, which caused the poor dude to fall flat on his face.

It was an embarrassing cheap shot. TMZ has video of the attack, and you can view the video down below…

And get this, not only did Edwards deliver one of the biggest cheap shots in recent memory, he also lied about doing it! After the incident, he tweeted the following…

“The reports are blasphemy. Was joking with friends and a guy was filming us. I asked him to delete it, he said no. He wasn’t harmed at all.”

What a coward. The photographer denied medical attention, but he did go to the police station to file a battery report against Edwards.

I hope he faces some kind of punishment for this. It’s one thing to shove a photographer, but to attack him while he’s not even looking? That’s a bitch move right there.