Pauly D Reveals He Is A Father!

Well, the ‘Jersey Shore’ family just got a little bigger. Pauly D is now the proud father of baby girl with a woman he met one night in Vegas.

According to TMZ, Pauly D had unprotected sex with a 26-year-old woman in Las Vegas last year. He was DJ’ing at an event, and apparently they went home together.

Well, fast forward nine months and she gives birth to a little baby girl.

A source told E! News that, “(He) wasn’t exactly planning for it to happen this way, but God works in mysterious ways.” It’s important to note that Pauly D has had no real relationship with this woman, so things might be a bit awkward at the first family Thanksgiving.

Pauly D Baby

The 26-year-old woman filed court documents in New Jersey to make it official. It is believed that Pauly D is very excited to be a father, even if it wasn’t exactly planned.

His former MTV castmate “Jwoww” is excited for Pauly and she thinks he will be a great dad, “I’m so f–king happy for him, I just texted him. Crying! He’s going to be the best dad ever!” she told E! News.

And get this, Pauly D actually confirmed the surprising news himself on his Twitter account yesterday,


Well, congratulations for having unprotected sex and knocking a girl up! I mean, isn’t that the only thing you can say right now…without being fake?

I’m not going to congratulate the doofus for being irresponsible.