Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky Almost A Couple In Real Life?

We’re sure you all remember the awesome relationship Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky had on ‘Full House’ years ago. It was almost as if their love was too good to be true, almost as if it was written by a talented team of writers…

…oh wait, I guess it was. The love that John Stamos and Lori Loughlin shared on screen together was obviously just a fake romance for the cameras. However, they did almost share something real together many years ago.

Back in June, John Stamos admitted to the HuffingtonPost that he went on a few dates with Lori a long time ago. And he also said that she might have been, “the one that got away.” This caused many Full House fans to explode into giant butterflies.


Well, last week E! News asked Loughlin about the comment Stamos made and she had this to say,

“Oh my goodness. Well, we’ll never know, right? I will always love John, always.”

That’s just about all the 49-year-old could say because she is currently married to Mossimo Giannulli and they have two kids together.

So, it looks like Uncle Jesse missed his chance, which is just a shame. It would have been so incredible if they ended up getting married and having kids in real life. Oh well, it’s just another disappointment to add to my already disappointing childhood.