Has Jennifer Lopez Had Plastic Surgery? Look At The Pictures Inside And Decide For Yourself!

A plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Ayham Al-Ayoubi called out Jennifer Lopez on Twitter yesterday. He basically said that she has always been naturally pretty, but plastic surgery has made her look amazing.

Check out the tweet that started it all down below…



Well, Jennifer Lopez saw this tweet and responded to it the same day…


As you can see, she claims that she has never had any kind of plastic surgery. We’d like to believe her, but take a look at these photos down below.


The picture in the middle is the “current version” of Jennifer Lopez. The photos on the left and right are old photos of the 44-year-old superstar. It certainly looks like she has had some work done, at least on her nose.

But, we’re no experts in this field. She might be telling the truth, she might be the one celebrity who really is completely natural. It’s highly unlikely, but it’s not impossible.

Does it really matter though? She looks beautiful and she’s one of the hottest 44-year-olds out there. I’m pretty sure no guy is ever going to say, “Oh, no thanks Jennifer Lopez. I don’t want you to perform oral sex on me because you had work done on your nose. Please slowly step away from my lifeless penis.”