Put Down The Vibrators, Ryan Gosling Might Be Single Soon

Okay, ladies. We realize that every time you hear “Ryan Gosling” your mind instantly fills up with pictures of his shirtless body, much like the pictures you see down below. But please pay attention to the rest of story because you might like what you read.


According to a source who talked with Us Weekly, Ryan Gosling might be getting tired of Eva Mendes’ “jealousy.” Sources say he is getting ready to break-up with her because every time a random number pops up on his phone, she freaks out.


She constantly accuses him of texting other girls and he has had enough of it. The source even claims that Eva Mendes hasn’t been talking about Ryan much lately. She is supposedly “shutting down” anyone who brings him up, which was not the case at the beginning of their relationship.

However, can you really trust this report? Just last month, there was a rumor that they were going to break-up because Eva doesn’t want to have kids right now. “The 39-year-old actress is not fulfilling 32-year-old Gosling’s dreams of marriage and having kids right now.” A source told reporters.

The couple might be having trouble, but it’s clear no one really knows what the f–k they’re talking about. Honestly, it’s probably a bunch of 40-year-old women spreading the rumors, hoping and praying that one day they will come true.

Can’t we just let them be happy? Two incredibly gorgeous people in love, why do we have to try and ruin that? I’m never going to lick butter off Eva Mendes’ ass like I want, and you’re never going to lick Nutella off Ryan Gosling’s abs.

Let’s just move on and remember there are plenty of ugly people out there who need to be f—ked.