Justin Bieber’s Crazy Fans Get Him Kicked Out Of Hotel In Argentina

There might be a lot of people who hate Justin Bieber, but there are even more people who absolutely love the dude.

The evidence of that was quite clear a few days ago in Argentina. The Biebs was staying at Hotel Faena in Buenos Aires, but was forced to leave the hotel after his fans became too rowdy to handle.

His rabid fans started to tear down police barricades outside of the hotel. Take a look at this photo Justin Bieber’s friend posted on Instagram…



As you can see, the crowd was insane outside of the hotel room. It’s similar to the crowd that shows up outside of every McDonald’s in South Carolina when the McRib comes back on the menu.

It’s being reported that the other hotels in the area denied the singer because of the crowd he would bring. The crowd was so bad at one point that Bieber actually had to go on his Twitter account and tell them to calm their butts down…


Oh, the life of Justin Bieber. This is one of the reasons it’s hard to blame him for all of the stupid sh-t that he does. He’s grown up with people worshiping him. There are millions of girls out there who would lick his shoes clean if he told them to do it.

He must feel like he’s invincible.