Jennifer Lawrence Screams at Photographers during ‘Catching Fire’ Premiere (VIDEO)

Some people are calling it a “meltdown” but those people obviously don’t know Jennifer Lawrence’s sense of humor.

The 23-year-old star of the ‘Hunger Games’ has been going nonstop for several months. She’s currently filming the next film in the franchise, and she’s getting ready to go on a promotional tour for ‘American Hustle.’

She hasn’t had a chance to stop and smell all the money, so it would certainly be understandable if she did have a meltdown. However, the video you see down below is not “meltdown” material.


As you can see, Jennifer Lawrence can be seen screaming back at the photographers who were screaming at her. She’s obviously just mocking them and giving them a taste of their own obnoxious medicine.

But poor ol’ Jennifer really does need a break from it all. You could tell by her appearance on David Letterman earlier in the week. The girl is tired! She’s also been suffering from severe stomach pains for a few weeks now.

We all love seeing her in the movies, but I think we’d understand it if she needed to take a year off to get a break from the madness. Maybe go on a nice vacation, I hear my bed is nice around this time of year.