Did Miranda Lambert Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Oh, the tabloids are at it again and this time they are going after Miranda Lambert. There are rumors going around out there that claim Miranda Lambert had some help with her recent weight loss.

The rumors claim that she had some surgery to help lose the pounds, but Miranda is setting the record straight. She posted the following message on her website the other day,

”Though I NEVER care what the tabloids have to say about me… I wanted to address this certain story they are running this week and set the record straight. I DID NOT have surgery to lose weight. That is ridiculous. I lost my weight the healthy and good old fashioned way. Watching what I eat and working out with my trainer Bill Crutchfield.

As for the assumed number of pounds lost…? I don’t even know! Like I have always said, it’s not about a scale, it’s about how you feel and how your jeans fit. And on November 10th when I turned 30, my skinny jeans were finally baggy! Mission accomplished! So for anyone who is tempted to read the “Trash Talk” please don’t. I am proud to be a normal size girl and I want to encourage everyone to be confident at any size. Thanks for the support yall”



Do you believe her? I know I do. She seems like the type that would try her best to avoid any kind of surgery. It’s sad that celebrities can’t lose weight anymore without being accused of having surgery.

If regular people can lose weight by dieting and exercising, what makes you think a celebrity can’t do it? They have the time and money to hire the best personal trainer in town. They can hire personal chefs to make every meal for them. It’s not hard to lose weight without going under the knife.