Woman Suing Flo Rida for ‘Good Fortune’ Child Support

When will these rich dudes realize that sticking their penis inside a gold digger is a terrible idea?

Flo Rida might soon be wishing he avoided the temptation and kept his special member in his pants. A glamor model by the name of Natasha Georgette Williams is suing the 34-year-old rapper for child support, ‘good fortune’ child support to be clear.

According to TMZ, ‘good fortune’ child support really just means that “she banged a rich person.”


Williams hasn’t even given birth to the child yet, but she’s already demanding a lot of money to help her with birth-related expenses. She’s also demanding medical insurance, private school expenses, daycare, summer camp and a bunch of other expensive crap.


And she is also asking for “good fortune” child support. A special child support payment in Florida for the children of rich people.

“The court possesses the authority to award an amount of child support behind the child’s needs to allow the child to experience the parent’s ‘good fortune.’” nugentlawfirm.com explains.

We all know who would really be experiencing that “good fortune.” I wasn’t aware that this kind of child support existed. It’s almost like they are receiving some kind of prize for having sex with a rich person.