Eva Longoria Named Maxim’s Woman Of The Year, Looks Stunning In Cover Photo

If you pick up Maxim’s January/February issue, you will not be disappointed by the cover. In fact, it might just become mandatory “reading material” every time you use the restroom.

38-year-old Eva Longoria posed for an incredibly sexy cover photo for the magazine. The actress/businesswoman was named ‘Woman Of The Year’ by Maxim magazine.

So, why did she earn the prestigious title? Was it just because she looks incredibly hot in a white thank top? Not quite. Eva Longoria is also a very smart lady, in fact, she just graduated from Cal State Northridge with a master’s in Chicano studies.


She also just made the cover of Hispanic Executive magazine. She was named one of the top 10 leaders, she told the magazine that education is very important to her,

“I take a lot of pride in my education and being civically engaged as an American. It’s been a journey for me, but a really fun one. I feel like I haven’t even tapped into the potential I have as a human being.”

Damn, gurl. Go on with your bad self then. I don’t have a master’s in Chicano studies, but I do have a master’s in Longoria studies. I’ve been studying these pictures for the last 30 minutes and I’m pretty sure I could recreate them if I had a paintbrush in my hand.