Madonna Posts Controversial Photo Of 13-Year-Old Son, Did She Cross The Line?

Madonna started off the new year by pissing a lot of people off, which is not unusual for the controversial pop star.

Last Saturday, Madonna posted a strange photo to her Instagram account. The photo, which can be seen down below, shows her underage son and his friends holding liquor bottles.

She captioned the photo with, “The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014.”



Obviously, this photo got a lot of heat on Instagram. Within minutes, her Instagram was flooded with over 1,000 comments and most of the comments were questioning her parenting skills.

After seeing all of the negative comments, Madonna decided to respond to the “haters” by posting another photo of her son. This time, he was not holding any liquor bottles.

She captioned the photo with, “No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor! Don’t start the year off with judgement!”


Maybe she is the one who should get a sense of humor. That photo was about as funny as Bob Saget doing his laundry.

Do I think that she let her kid get hammered for the new year? No, but I don’t think she has any right to get upset at us for how stupid her photo is. If she really wanted to show off the “funny” she should have made it more obvious that it was a joke.

She should have had them all “passed out” on the floor, with the bottles scattered around next to them. And maybe throw in a random duck in the picture. You need to have something random in there, you can thank the Hangover films for that.