Michael Bay Has Meltdown On Stage, Walks Off During Samsung’s CES Press Conference (VIDEO)

We’re only seven days into the new year, but we think we might have found the most awkward video of the year.

Michael Bay, director of the Transformers movies, was scheduled to talk during Samsung’s CES press conference yesterday. He was going to help introduce the new 105-inch curved TV set. You know, the television you’ll only be able to afford if you sell your house?

Well, considering Bay has made some of Hollywood’s biggest movies and worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest names, you’d think talking at a little press conference would be easy for him. But obviously talking in public is not one of the director’s strongest qualities.

Things started to go bad when he skipped over the intro line and lost the teleprompter. Once he got back on track, it was already too late because the teleprompter was jumping up and down.


At first, he said he would just “wing it” but a few seconds later, he walked off the stage, mumbling “I’m sorry….I’m sorry…”

Watch the awkwardness down below…

Good gravy, that was miserable. I understand some people get stage fright, but damn! He really couldn’t think of anything to say? It’s not like he was talking about something he had no expertise in. He wasn’t explaining to people how to make buttermilk biscuits from scratch.

It’s strange that someone like Michael Bay could be so afraid of speaking in pubic. I guess money really can’t buy you everything.