Hoffman’s Connection Connected To More Ill-Fated Celebrities

vinebergRobert Vineberg, the person who allegedly supplied Phillip Seymour Hoffman with the hits that killed him, has been connected to more than one troubled celebrity.

Vineberg, a musician, has been associated with other ill-fated celebrities including Jean-Michel Basquiat, an NYC artist who died of a heroin overdose in 88 and Amy Winehouse, a musician who died of acute alcohol poisoning in 2011.

Vineberg was allegedly known to use with heroin with Jean-Michel Basquiat throughout the 80s. While close friends with Winehouse, he denied ever using drugs with her. He also denies selling Philip Seymour Hoffman the drugs that killed him, stating;

“He was my friend. I could have saved him. If I knew he was in town, I would’ve said ‘Hey, let’s make an AA meeting.’ If I was with him, it wouldn’t have happened. Not under my guard.”

Hoffman died on February 2, 2014 due to a heroin overdose.