What You’re Missing By Not Attending Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour

Miley Cyrus kicked off her ‘Bangerz Tour’ last Friday night in Canada. She preformed in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena to a sold-out crowd, and the video/photos coming from the concert are quite shocking.

We all figured her tour would be filled with unnecessary twerking, lots of tongues and midgets little people. But we didn’t really know exactly how far the 21-year-old singer would push it.

Well, now we know, and we’re glad we didn’t waste our money buying tickets to this cringeworthy event. And we’re hoping to save you all money by showing you just how vile this ‘Bangerz’ tour is going to be.

This is what you will see for about 45% of the concert…


You’ll get to know that white a** better than you know your own family. There are so many shots of Miley’s butt that we were beginning to think she did the whole show backwards.

But Miley’s butt is not the only thing you will see. You’ll also be forced to watch Miley Cyrus embarrass America while performing her god-awful song, “Party in the U.S.A.”

That’s Miley Cyrus stimulating oral sex on a Bill Clinton impersonator. You can watch the video down below to see the fake blow job in action…

Hey, Billy Ray Cyrus. Your daughter just sexually assaulted Mount Rushmore. How are you going to punish her?

Oh, sh-t! I forgot you also sold your soul to the devil. Anyway, let’s get back to Miley Cyrus’ tour.

Look at this lovely photo of Miley Cyrus slapping a big ol’ booty…

You know what this concert is missing besides an exorcism? A giant f–king hot dog! We need to see Miley Cyrus riding a giant hot dog.

AND SHE DELIVERS YET AGAIN! Is there anything she won’t do to please her adoring fans? I mean, this girl will stop at nothing to make sure you leave her show with a smile on your face.

Go to this concert and you will literally be throwing your money away.