Did Robin Thicke’s Gross Performance With Miley Cyrus Really Trigger His Split From Wife?

Earlier this week we told you that Robin Thicke and Paula Patton were ending their marriage after nearly nine years. As we mentioned, the news wasn’t really all that surprising. Robin Thicke was accused of cheating several times, and we all remember the photo of Robin Thicke with his hand shoved up a fan’s a**.

Paula and Robin tried to play it off and pretend that everything was okay, but we now know that it wasn’t. So, what started the problems in their relationship? What triggered it all?

Was it really that raunchy performance with Miley Cyrus? Well, according to a source who talked with TMZ, that performance played a big role in the destruction of their marriage.


Paula Patton felt “utterly disrespected” according to the source. She felt it was extremely disrespectful, and was especially mad that Robin Thicke went along with the nastiness. After the performance, there was huge argument between the couple. Patton allegedly told her husband that he insulted her on national television.

And then things never improved after that because of the whole butt-grabbing fiasco at one of the VMA after-parties. After months of arguing, Paula Patton finally decided to end things last week. Sources say Robin Thicke still hopes she’ll change her mind.

Let’s remember that this all speculation. Honestly, I think this source is full of sh-t. Yeah, that photo of Thicke grabbing some 20-year-old’s a** probably had a lot to do with the split. However, I doubt the performance with Miley Cyrus had anything to do with it.

Patton seems like a pretty cool chick. It seems unlikely she would get upset over a performance. Miley and Robin are entertainers, and that’s all they were doing up there. Are we really supposed to believe Paula was jealous because this a** was twerking all over her husband?