Kim Kardashian Steals Little Sister’s Bikini, Poses For Hot Selfies

Kim Kardashian is a smart woman. That’s a sentence we never thought we would write, but we have to give the Yeezy swallower some credit.

The 33-year-old mother found a new way to make a bikini selfie entertaining. Let’s be honest, seeing Kim Kardashian naked or in some bikini was getting a little old. We’ve seen it so many times, you know? But on Wednesday she decided to surprise everyone by posting pictures of herself in her 16-year-old sister’s bikini.

Why is this is interesting? Well, because the bikini is really freakin’ tiny, and Kim Kardashian was blessed with some body parts that are really freakin’ huge.

To see if the little bikini managed to contain all of Kim Kardashian, check out the sizzling hot photos down below.




Not bad, huh? Kanye West is one lucky man. And there aren’t any obvious signs of Photoshopping here, so that’s another surprising thing about the photos.

Is anyone else a little concerned that this bikini belonged to her 16-year-old sister? It looks like something a stripper might wear to a swim party at one of her stripper friend’s apartment complex. It certainly doesn’t look like something a 16-year-old should be wearing.

We’re glad Kim Kardashian stole it.