What Do You Think Of Kim Kardashian’s Audrey Hepburn Look? (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian surprised us all again yesterday with another unexpected photo shoot. You may remember the one we showed you last week, which featured her famous butt cheeks in a tiny bikini.

This photo shoot in Miami yesterday was much different. Instead of letting it all hang out, Kim Kardashian decided to pull out a wig with bangs and a bicycle equipped with one of them fancy baskets to carry around aliens.

Apparently, this was all for some energy drink commercial. We’re not sure what message they’re trying to send with this Audrey Hepburn throwback, but we can only hope the commercial is even more ridiculous than the photos.

Look at those shoes! She’s clearly ready to take a 5-mile trip down the beach, huh?


What do you think, folks? Did she pull it off? Personally, I don’t think she did. In fact, she kind of looks like a mental patient in that last photo. Like, she’s really mad because the beauty salon at the mental facility gave her a terrible haircut, so she took off on her bike in search of a better haircut.