Keyshawn Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence

Keyshawn Johnson, former NFL wide receiver and noted Justin Bieber critic, has been booked and charged with domestic battery.

keyshawn johnson


It was reported that Keyshawn was involved in a fight with his ex-girlfriend and things got out of hand. Sometime during the fight, his ex’s phone was broken and she suffered a gash on the hand. The incident happened in Calabasas, CA on Monday morning.

According to sources, the two are involved in an on-again off-again romance and have recently been discussing marriage.

Keyshawn was arrested on misdemeanor charges of domestic battery. His bail was set at 20k, which he posted.

Keyshawn’s temper has been seen in the news before, though not directed at his girlfriend. Earlier this year, Keyshawn was accused of prying Justin Bieber’s garage door open and attacking a bodyguard, after becoming fed up with Bieber speeding through his neighborhood.