Instagram Bullies Call Chrissy Teigen Fat, She Fights Back On Twitter Account

There are two things you should never ask a woman…

1. Can I stick it up the butt?

2. Are you gaining weight?

And the internet made the mistake of asking the 28-year-old model one of those questions. Well, this is the internet we are talking about, it’s probably safe to assume some pervert asked her the first question as well.

Anyway, the beautiful Chrissy Teigen posted the photo you see down below to her Instagram account yesterday. It’s a four-framed photo that was taken while she was doing MTV’s 2014 upfront.



After she posted the photo, Instagram bullies started to crawl out of their caves. Some called her fat, and some simply asked if she was gaining weight.


Chrissy didn’t appreciate the negative comments. She was so offended by the haters that she decided to just go off on her Twitter account.

Check out her full rant down below…



Damn. She put them in her NutriBullet and straight up blended their negative comments into a healthy smoothie containing 11 essential vitamins and minerals.