Guys, We Have Lost Ireland Baldwin! Twitter Photo Shows Her Kissing Female Rapper

It’s a sad day for delusional men all over the world. The beautiful 18-year-old Ireland Baldwin was traded. It doesn’t seem right, especially when you consider the fact she just turned 18 seven months ago! We haven’t even had enough time to properly “perv out” over her.

Baldwin has been getting really close with a female rapper named Angel Haze. They have been spamming their Twitter and Instagram pages with photos of each other.

Just last week, Angel Haze retweeted the photo you see down below of Baldwin. “I just wanna say you’re mine you’re mineeeee. F–k what you heard.” She captioned the photo.

Fans of the two ladies have suspected they were more than just friends, and on Cinco de Mayo, Ireland confirmed the reports by sharing the intimate photo you see down below…


Honestly, I am not really sure why I am upset. It’s not like I ever had a chance with Ireland. Even if she was the biggest lover of dicks, I would still never have a chance with her.

At least now we will be blessed with more photos of her making out with her girlfriend. If we play nice, maybe they will think about sharing some videos of their make out sessions.  That’s just a suggestion though.

We’re not picky. We would settle for more photos like this.