Shailene Woodley Tries To Convince David Letterman That Eating Clay Is Good For The Body (VIDEO)

A little part of me is going to miss David Letterman when he retires, mostly because he has the ability to create priceless moments just by sitting in his chair and smiling.

One of those special moments happened earlier this week when Shailene Woodley visited the ‘Late Show’ and started talking to Letterman about her clay diet.

“And you eat clay?” Letterman randomly asked her during the interview. “I do eat clay, yeah!” She responded, as if it was a completely normal thing to do.

That’s all we’re going to tell you about the video. You will just have to watch the rest to see all the adorableness. It’s worth wasting three minutes for. Your boss won’t mind.


Adorable, right? And we’re not talking about Woodley! No, no, she was pretty adorable in the video as well. David Letterman stole the show though. This is when the 67-year-old host is at his best, when he acts like a disapproving Grandfather.

But of course, this is David Letterman we are talking about. We all know what he was really thinking during that interview…