Pro Wrestling Superstars Grant Dying Wish: Connor Michalek Meets His Hero (VIDEO)

Almost every man in the world loved wrestling when they were little. We all wanted to jump in the ring, fly off the ropes and hit someone in the face with a chair. We looked up to the superstars in the ring, even the ones we absolutely hated.

Most of us grew out of our relationship with wrestling once we started high school, but little Connor ‘The Crusher’ Michalek was a fan for life.

The adorable 8-year-old recently passed away after a long battle with pediatric brain cancer. Connor’s favorite wrestler was Daniel Bryan, and he was able to meet Daniel back in 2012. He was able to visit backstage with the wrestling superstar during a Monday Night Raw event in Pittsburgh.


It was an experience that would change Connor and Daniel for life. The experience didn’t end back in 2012, though. The WWE invited Connor out to Monday Night Raw in Washington D.C. this April, and surprised him with front row tickets to WrestleMania XXX.

Watch the video down below. It is incredibly moving.

What a great gift they gave Connor, and what an even better gift he gave all of us.