Neil Patrick Harris Takes It All Off For Rolling Stone, See The Photo Inside!

We post so many photos of hot females on this site, we figured it was only right to switch things up a bit. 40-year-old Neil Patrick Harris took it all off for the cover of Rolling Stone recently.

He showed off his impressive body on the May 22 issue of Rolling Stone. As most of you know, NPH is gay and engaged to David Burtka. Harris has been open about his sexuality for years now, but that hasn’t stopped several straight men from believing he’s exactly like the character he played on, How I Met Your Mother.

Rolling Stone says a constant stream of straight guys approach Harris and give him high fives. They also call him by his character’s name, and even talk about his hilarious role in the movie, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.


“So many frat guys. It doesn’t seem right, in a way. But it’s very exciting at the same time.” Burtka told the magazine.

But just recently Neil Patrick Harris took on a very different role. He lost quite a bit of weight to play a transsexual German rocker in Broadway’s, Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Burtka admits he wasn’t sure if his fiance could pull off the role…

“I didn’t think he could pull off the femininity of [the role]. This is such a stretch for him. In his day-to-day, he’s not a very feminine guy.”

Yeah, the masculinity is dripping off him.