Pamela Anderson Reveals She Was Gang-Raped In High School

Pamela Anderson decided to share something very personal at the launch of The Pamela Anderson Foundation, an advocacy for animal rights.

The 46-year-old actress spoke to the audience about her long history of sexual abuse. There were over 200 people in the crowd, but Anderson didn’t let that stop her from sharing her incredibly sad story.

“I did not have an easy childhood. Despite loving parents, I was molested from age six by a female babysitter.”

And that was just the beginning of it. Six years later, at the age of 12, Pamela said she was raped by a 25-year-old male.

“I went to a friend’s boyfriend’s house and his older brother decided to teach me backgammon, which led into a back massage, which led into rape. He was 25 years old and I was 12.”


Sadly, her history with sexual abuse doesn’t end there. She told the crowd that in high school, one of her ex-boyfriends, “decided it would be funny to gang-rape me with six friends. I wanted off this earth.”

But thankfully her love of animals brought her back. “My loyalty was to the animal kingdom. I vowed to protect them and only them.” She explained.

The speech shocked the audience, but Pamela felt the honesty was necessary to explain why she became so involved with helping animals.