Solange and Jay Z Manage Lunch With No Punches!

Beyonce, Solange and Jay Z were all spotted eating together at New Orleans hot spot Cafe Amelie on Saturday.

beyonce solange

It was reported that the trio spent several hours there, accompanied by a massive security detail that included 3 black SUV’s waiting nearby. A team of bodyguards blocked the three so no one could get a clear shot of the them together, but it doesn’t appear any punches were thrown.

At least the police weren’t called.

It looks like the three are working towards making amends, following the elevator incident. Or are they just trying to look like they’re making amends?

Beyonce’s Instagram screen has literally been flooded with tons of cute pics of her and her sis every since the rumors of a rift started.

Following the lunch, Jay Z went in one direction while Beyonce went in another, in an attempt to outsmart paparazzi. That’s when the photographers were able to capture the above pic, where Solange looks like she’s trying to not roll her eyes.