What Happened To Kate Upton’s Armpit? Hilarious Photoshop Fail Inside!

It seems like the amount of Photoshop fails continue to grow as technology advances. It’s almost like these editors have all these new tools to play with and they’re still not sure how to properly use them.

The latest Photoshop fail comes from Kate Upton’s photo shoot with the Harper’s Bazaar. The 21-year-old model posed for some photos while her trainer revealed her fitness secrets.


Sounds cool, right? Photos of Kate Upton, tips for the gym. It sounds like the perfect thing to read on the toilet. There’s just one problem, Kate Upton appears to missing a huge chunk of her armpit!

Take a look at the hilarious fail down below…


What the hell happened!? Was there a shark in the pool behind her? Did it jump out of the water and take a chunk out of her armpit? Or was she simply just sweating too much?

And how did they not see how obvious their sorcery looked? Strange stuff, but we do appreciate the laugh. Keep the Photoshop fails coming. They really do make our day.