Rob Kardashian Swarmed By The Paparazzi After Leaving Gym, Nearly Runs Them Over With His SUV (VIDEO)

Some desperate paparazzo almost hit it big yesterday. Rob Kardashian was leaving the gym Thursday in Los Angeles when a group of photographers blocked the exit.

But instead of stopping his vehicle and waiting for the photographers to move, Rob decided to just keep on moving. He did slow down a little bit, which gave the photographers enough time to move out of the way. However, one of them could have easily faked an injury during the event. We’re honestly surprised Rob made it out of there without any lawsuits.

TMZ has video of the event. You can watch it down below…


How embarrassing for those photographers. Do they not realize how ridiculous they look and sound? I have never heard a paparazzo ask a celebrity a good question.


Shut the f–k up. He’s not 10-years-old. His parents didn’t send him to some fat camp. He’s not getting coached by Ben Stiller.

He’s overweight, so he’s going to the gym! Just like every other overweight person in the world who wants to lose weight. Geez. Give the man some space. He’s clearly going through some sh-t right now.