Jonah Hill Politely Tells Annoying Photographer To “Suck My D**k, Fa****” (VIDEO)

Jonah Hill is in a little bit of trouble today after losing his cool with a photographer the other day. The incident happened over the weekend in the Los Angeles area.

The 30-year-old actor (he really is 30) was walking around town with a few of his friends. Just enjoying the beautiful day, you know? When a big paparazzi cloud moved in and started raining sh-t all over Jonah Hill’s ridiculous shorts.

For some reason, Jonah was attempting to rock a pair of floral print board shorts. One of the photographers jokingly said, “I like the shorts though, bro. They are pretty sexy.” And even though Jonah didn’t reply to the sarcasm right at that moment, it’s clear the joke really got to him.

Check out the video down below…


As you can imagine, there are already people saying Jonah Hill is a homophobic douchebag. I disagree. Homophobic means you fear homosexuals. It’s a phobia, right?

But how could Jonah Hill possibly be afraid of gay people if he wants one of them to suck his d**k? I would never swim out to a shark and say,

Suck my penis, you nasty shark! Suck it real good.

Why? Because I am afraid of sharks! And I don’t want them anywhere near me. Jonah Hill obviously doesn’t mind gay people. In fact, he wants them to suck on his meat popsicle. So, leave the poor guy alone. Bashing him would only show how much you hate gay people.