Kim Kardashian Is Apparently Getting Her Own Video Game

She has everything a woman could possibly want. Nice clothes, a rich man, huge boobies, a million best friends, a wall of roses and now she’s going to have her own video game.

The 33-year-old mother posted a terrifying cartoon version of herself to her Instagram account yesterday, with the caption, “Sneak peak from my upcoming project! Super excited about this! #KimKardashianGame.”


Totally unrealistic. The real Kim Kardashian would never dress that conservative!


Kimmy Kakes posted a second photo of herself in a recording studio. We can only assume she was doing voiceover work for this new game. We certainly hope she wasn’t in there recording another song. The world cannot handle another Kim Kardashian song.


You have to wonder what people will do in this game. Make a sex tape? Travel the world? Put on makeup for three hours? The possibilities are endless.

Hopefully Conan O’Brien gets to review it. The ‘Clueless Gamer’ reviewing a game featuring a clueless person. I hope it happens.

(click the picture to laugh your a** off.)