‘Chicago Fire’ Actress Dies While Riding Bike During A Strong Storm In Chicago

A tragic accident happened last Friday just north of Chicago. 46-year-old Molly Glynn, a very popular Chicago theater actress and ‘ER Doctor’ on NBC’s Chicago Fire, died after being struck by a falling tree while riding her bike with her husband.

According to close family friend, David Rice, Molly had just finished an audition earlier in the day on Friday. She and her husband decided to celebrate by going for a bike ride in the Erickson Woods Forest Preserve. While riding, Molly and her husband Joe Foust, noticed a strong storm approaching.

The storm shocked both Glynn and Foust, but before they had the chance to get home, a tree fell and slammed right into the actress. “I couldn’t save her.” Foust wrote on his Facebook page, adding that it was the darkest day of his life.


Sadly, because of how narrow the bicycle path was, paramedics could not take the ambulance to the scene. They were forced to hike the half mile in order to treat her. The wonderful staff at Evanston Hospital did everything they could to save her, but the injuries were too severe. She was pronounced dead 18 hours after the accident.

David Rice, the close family friend and executive director of First Folio Theatre, spoke highly of Molly Glynn.

“Molly was one of the most loving and generous people in the Chicago theater scene. She was incredibly talented — incredibly versatile. She could handle both comedy and the deepest darkest, dramas.”

Our thoughts are with her family and friends. You just hate to hear stories like this.