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Beyoncé’s Tumblr Account Exposed for Photoshopping her Thigh Gap. The Bigger Issue is Why!

Beyoncé runs a pretty tight ship when it comes to PR and public perception but whoever is posting photos on her tumblr needs to go back to Fiverr and get their money back for the tacky Photoshop job done on her latest post.

First of all, Beyonce’s doesn’t need any photoshop. Her imperfections are perfect. She is a curvy girl and curvy girls are not expected to have huge thigh gaps. Photoshoping this picture is like fixing the smile on the Mona Lisa, it’s like straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I would give up my kidney to trade spaces with a bead of sweat that has the luxury of sliding down that  thigh gap and now some $4 per hour intern has caused Beyoncé’s credibility to take an unnecessary hit.

See for yourself,  [more…]Beyonce Original

Beyonce Photoshop ThighGap

This is the definition of unnecessary, the only thing Photoshopping that picture does is gives blogs like this something to call out.  For that reason I’m not mad.


I got a hold of Jay-Z and told him about the Photoshop failure and he told me that he and Bey don’t support any altering of images in their camps.  Then he sent me a photo from his latest PR photo shoot.  The subject of the message was simply, “#Nofilter”.  Yep, not Photoshopped at all.


Photo Courtesy of: Tea & Breakfast – Great Site, Check them Out!