Watch Aretha Franklin Strugglin’ to get through Promo Interviews for her New Album (Video)

What do you get when you mix an over the hill Diva, with 4 hours of sleep, a crappy ear piece, and a ridiculous audio delay? A tired old woman who ain’t got no time for chippy, over zealous fake reporters.

I haven’t seen a promo interview go this bad since Morgan Freeman fell asleep during his interview for the movie “Now you See Me”. Remember that last year?

Kudos to Aretha for at least staying awake but she looked like she could not be bothered. I’m not sure who I felt sorrier for, her or the poor reporters. Each set of reporters attempted to kiss her ass by pouring on the praise but the audio delay and Franklin’s lack of experience handling it proved to be more of an annoyance for her then anything and the respect given was not even realized. The entire set of interviews resulted in classic answers to a set of well thought out, well-crafted questions that I’m sure it took producers hours to write. The fact that Aretha held the side of her head half the time helped make things that much more awkward.

Aretha’s favorite Hits (Answers):

  1. “Say What now?”
  2. “Huugghhh??”
  3. “Can you hear me”
  4. “I do a what?”
  5. “Say that again, the last part?”

and my all-time favorite

  1. “What is it you would like to know about that?”

Note to her publicist: Aretha gets in studio interviews from now on or nothing. She appeared to be as a cross between Louise Jefferson and a black Edith Bunker. The last thing I want to do from watching these interviews is buy that album.  Luckily as a lifetime Aretha Franklin fan I know she can sing better than she can talk.

Watch the hilarious mash-up below.

I’m sure she is glad that is over with.  Right Aretha?  Aretha?  Ms FRANKLIN????  HELLO??