Did Christina Aguilera Really Call Mickey Mouse An A**hole During Meltdown At Disney Park?


We are just a few days away from 2015, but Christina Aguilera is throwing her hat in the ring for the strangest meltdown of 2014. Last time we checked, Aguilera was still a 34-year-old grown woman, but she certainly wasn’t acting like an adult last week at Disney’s California Adventure.

According to TMZ, Christina was celebrating her birthday at the park with some of her friends. They were having a magical time, but then Mickey Mouse decided to ruin everything. You see, Christina wanted to snap a photo with Mickey; however, she apparently asked at the wrong time.

Sources say the overworked mouse told the superstar that he was going on break, so she would have to wait until he came back. That was a bad move. The 34-year-old singer went off on poor Mickey Mouse. She allegedly called him an a**hole, and then asked, “Do you know who I am?”

And then her friends started going after Mickey Mouse. Threats were being shouted, fingers were being snapped and hair was being flipped. Employees at the park helped Mickey get away from the insane group of adults. Security showed up at the scene a short time later, but Christina and her friends had already left.

Crazy sh-t, right? It sounds ridiculous, but also totally plausible because Christina is known for being a diva.